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A home consultation visit with an Approved Advisor is strongly recommended, wherever possible, to ensure the correct selection of saddle model, size and appropriate accessories for the achievement of optimum performance. When you book a home consultation visit, you will receive:

- Advice on correct SMART saddle model and sizing for you and your horse
- Demonstrations on how to fit and balance the saddle and make adjustments if necessary
- Opportunity to try the saddle with a full range of recommended accessories
- Valuable back up with ongoing advice whenever you need it

Our Network of Approved Advisors covers most of the UK. We also arrange visits to areas without a permanent Approved Advisor, so please get in touch, even if it looks like there isn’t anyone to help out nearby! If you live outwith the UK or in a region that we are unable to cover, we offer remote fitting advice by phone and email.

The SMART saddle system, whilst being a different concept, is easy for even the novice rider or horse owner to understand and utilise without the need for continued specialist help. However, in the same way that you would schedule routine checks from a saddler for a traditional saddle, we recommend that you have regular reviews. Please do not hesitate to contact your Solution Saddles Approved Advisor for advice as they have seen you and your horse, conducted an assessment and fitting and are in the best position to provide you with any ongoing support.

Contact us to arrange a personal home visit at a mutually convenient time.

Approved Advisors

Approved Advisors

Approved Advisors

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