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Hannah Ludlow

The chestnut is Rivergold Luzelka (Lewie) a 6yr old chestnut gelding Part Bred Arab 87%, who we brought in October last year. When we got him he had serious back issues that we were un aware of, as the previous owner had used a badly fitted synthetic saddle to break him. We had Issues when being mounted & when asked to walk forward he acted cold backed & was reluctant to move. On one occasion he reared due to the pain !! We later found he had two vertebrae that were very badly imflammed & missalined which he showed great pain with when being treated.

With back treatment, correct schooling & with the Solution Energist & gulleted Jumper Lewie is fighting fit & has competed 3 times this season at affiliated level & is always in the rossettes. We have had no mounting issues or rearing since & as you can see he's starting to work lovely for a young horse who has had such a painful start.

Kaisaab the grey pure bred is a 5yr old who I backed & lightly worked from 3 1/2 yrs old he has always been ridden since the start in my Solution treeless saddle. These photos are of him after being in work only 8 wks as you can see we need to work on him alittle more but were getting there.

I own 14 horses from 12.2 hh - 15.2 hh & have 7 in regular hard work, this saddle is well used & fits them all for hacking schooling jumping hunting & affiliated showing.

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