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Are you interested in becoming an Advisor for SMART saddles?


Introducing other horses and riders to the SMART saddle concept is a deeply rewarding experience - now everyone has the opportunity to make a real difference to horse welfare. All our customers who own and ride in their own saddles are invited to join our team, as well as specialists in equestrian fields such as saddle fitters, trainers and therapists.

Solution Saddles are constantly striving to improve standards; we offer regular training opportunities for all our Advisors to maintain the highest levels of fitting advice and customer care. Please call us for agent training dates or check our Latest News feed.

If you are interested in attending a training day, please complete and return the online form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you with further information.

You can choose your level of involvement and be as active as you wish to fit flexibly with your lifestyle, as there is no minimum performance requirement. We have developed a tier system that is easy and convenient for both agents and customers.

Tier 1 - Referral Agents

Anyone who has received induction test ride training can apply to become a Referral Agent. Referral Agents are eligible for a basic rate commission payment for saddles sold following a test ride they have given.

Tier 2 - Approved Advisors

Approved Advisors have good existing standards of equestrian skill which may originate from any of a wide range of disciplines or specialist areas e.g. teachers, trainers, riders, saddle fitters, therapists etc.

Approved Advisors receive induction training and must attend Solution Saddles annual training.

A full range of demo equipment is available for customer test rides and Approved Advisors earn a standard rate commission payment for each saddle sale.

Tier 3 - Technical Advisors

In addition to the tier two criteria, Technical Advisors are experienced industry professionals, fully trained in the fitting of the range of saddle models and accessories. Technical Advisors are also available to carry out consultancy work on behalf of Solution Saddles and earn a higher rate commission payment for each saddle sale.

Send us your story or refer a friend

Prospective clients are always interested to know how SMART™ saddles have been used by existing customers in different fields. So, whether you are involved in endurance, showing, dressage, eventing, show jumping, riding club, hunting, hacking, rehabilitation cases or out competing regularly - we would be interested to hear about it.

If you would like to share your story and a picture of your horse with the chance to feature on Solution Saddles website, please email to
If you refer a friend to Solution Saddles make sure they let us know so we can forward on a referral voucher when they buy as a ‘Thank you’ gift!

Full terms and conditions apply.


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