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Home Consultation

Solution Saddles’ Home Consultation Service enables you to test ride the SMART™ saddle model(s) of your choice, correctly fitted and balanced for horse and rider under the guidance of an approved SMART Advisor. Strongly recommended wherever possible, a test ride is the ideal setting to determine the most suitable saddle model, size and ancillary accessories for optimal saddle performance. Following a Home Consultation, your SMART Advisor will be in an informed position to continue to work with you and provide valuable on-going saddle fitting support and advice.

Ongoing support

In the same way that you would schedule routine checks from a saddler for a traditional saddle, we strongly recommend that you have regular saddle reviews from an approved SMART Advisor to ensure ongoing optimum performance of your SMART saddle. Refits are particularly important through periods of change in the horses’ work, growth or rehabilitation. Whilst the SMART Saddle System is a different concept to traditional saddle fitting, following guidance, it is easy for even the novice rider or horse owner to understand and utilise with confidence.

Book your SMART Test Ride

All SMART™ saddles and accessories are distributed from our head office and workshop in Derbyshire, England; SMART Advisors do not hold their own stock for test rides. This system ensures that we can provide you with a custom selection of saddles to test ride, wherever you are in the country.

Click below to book or Contact us with details of you, your horse and your SMART saddle requirements so that we can put you in contact with your nearest SMART Advisor to arrange a Home Consultation Visit.

If you live outside the UK or in a region that we are unable to cover with a SMART Advisor, we can offer remote fitting advice by phone, email and video call.

Covid-secure SMART Service

Please refer to our TEST RIDE PROTOCOL to ensure everyone’s safety under current guidelines. Our Home Consultancy Service is also recommended for:

• Routine saddle fitting checks and refits
• Fitting your SMART™ saddle new/different horses and/or riders
• Fitting second-hand SMART™ saddles

Please do not hesitate to contact your SMART™ Advisor for advice following a test ride as they have seen you and your horse, conducted a saddle fitting and are in the best position to provide you with any ongoing support you may need. If you need assistance or would like any further advice, please contact us.

Home Consultation Visit Fees

- SMART Saddle Test Ride: A fee of £75.00 is payable directly to the SMART™ Advisor. This covers standard time and travel costs as well as, where necessary, follow-up remote fitting advice.

- When you purchase your SMART™ saddle following an approved test ride, Solution Saddles will deduct the Home Consultation fee paid to the Advisor (up to £75.00) against the balance due on your SMART™ saddle.

- SMART Saddle Review Visit: Regular fitting reviews are strongly recommended and are normally charged at £75.00, payable directly to the Approved Advisor.

- Fitting Review: The standard fee for a fitting consultation by an Approved Advisor for SMART™ or Solution saddles purchased via a third party is £100.00.

Please note: Prices are based on fitting one horse and rider combination within a reasonable distance. Additional non-refundable expenses may be charged on all visits to cover additional time and/or travel costs - please check with your Approved Advisor at the time of booking.

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