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Rental Service - Try Before You Buy

Solution Saddles offer a SMART™ Saddle Rental Service to UK-based customers, enabling an extended saddle trial before committing to purchase. Expert advice is on-hand throughout, from both your Approved Advisor and Solution Saddles HQ, to assist and guide you. All rental equipment is available for you to buy; you can choose to keep the items from your rental or you may order new items, customised to your own personal preferences. Where possible it is ideal to start a rental following expert fitting advice from a SMART Advisor at a Home Consultation Visit.

SMART UK Rental Service:

- Security Deposit £500.

- Only £75 per week rental fee.

- Up to two weeks FREE rental when you purchase.

A security deposit of £500 is required, from which Rental is charged at £75.00 per week (or part thereof), however if you decide to purchase a SMART saddle within two weeks, the rental will not be charged and the full £500 deposit will be transferred towards the final balance. If you return the saddle, the accrued rental charges will be deducted from your deposit payment prior to the refund. There is no limit to how long you may keep the saddle, but you will be required to renew the rental agreement after the first month and, thereafter, pay monthly rental in advance.

Customers will be required to read, sign and return a Rental agreement, as well as pay the security deposit , before a rental can commence. The rental equipment should be used with care and customers must be prepared to return all goods in the condition they are received (normal wear and tear accepted).

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