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SMART™ Saddle Features


Standard SMART™ features include:

UltraContact™ seat
anatomically optimised and ergonomically designed to improve rider comfort and stability. The advanced design supports the weight-bearing areas of the rider’s pelvis, improving balance and reducing the risk of saddle-related injuries.
Impact absorbing flexible gullet & base panels
Absorbs the greater impacts of high performance sports and accommodates movement without pinching or bridging.
W-girthing arrangement
maintains stability whilst allowing freedom of movement of the horses’ back and shoulder.
Suprabloc™ knee block system
allows the rider to easily customise the position of the knee block to individual requirements and ‘tailor make’ the fit for a secure feel.
Swivel stirrup bar
quick release and designed to withstand substantial vertical force without causing peak pressure.
Supple pre-oiled leather
malleable and durable, requires no breaking in.

Saddle Range

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