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SMART™ Balance Pads

SMART™ Balance Pads are an integral part of the SMART™ saddle system, used where necessary to fit the SMART™ saddle to the horse and/or adjust the balance of the rider. All SMART™ Balance Pads have Velcro attachments and a non-slip cover to easily enable a secure, accurate fit to each individual horse.

Available in 2 x thicknesses: Standard and Slimline, they are designed to be used either individually or in conjunction with other SMART™ pads, as required by each horse/saddle/rider combination. Refer to the fitting guidelines or speak to your SMART Advisor for fitting advice.

Smart Balance Pad


Supplied as a pair, designed to give a level lift along the length of the saddle. Used where the saddle balance is good for the rider but the overall fit is too low on the horse’s back. SMART DSPs are specifically shaped to fit the base panels of SMART and SMART PRO saddles.

Smart Balance Pad


A one-piece, gulleted pad with two lateral dorsal inserts which provide a level lift. Specifically shaped for use used with the shorter base of the SMART Native saddle models and older Solution Original saddles. The central gullet is essential to ensure that the spine is evenly bridged and peak pressure points avoided. The velcro gullet can be opened and additional shims inserted if required.

Smart Balance Pad

SMART Front Shims

Provide extra support at the front of the saddle to give lift over a prominent wither or where muscle is lacking. They can also be used to help balance the rider by raising the front of the saddle and placing weight back over the seat bones. Suitable for use with all SMART saddles.

Smart Balance Pad

SMART Rear Shims

Provide support at the rear of the saddle to either give lift, providing support under the rider’s seatbones, or support where muscle is lacking. They can also be used for rider balance if the horse has a dipped or asymmetrical back. Suitable for use with all SMART saddles.

SMART Pads can be positioned directly onto the saddle cloth before fitting the SMART saddle to ensure symmetry and accurate placement according to individual horses’ back shape.

Smart Balance Pad

Fit close to the central seam to support the base panels but keep the gullet free. The exact position will vary depending on the horses’ conformation.

Smart Balance Pad

Position individual pads symmetrically on both sides with the central gullet space free.

Smart Balance Pad

Shims should be fitted with the straight edge facing to the rear or front of the saddle cloth edge.

Smart Balance Pad

Velcro panels secure the SMART Balance Pads in place whilst position and symmetry can be checked.

Pads can be left in position on the saddle cloth after use, ready for your next ride.

(NB: refer to care guidelines and do not store the saddle on top of the pads)

Smart Balance Pad

Before girthing checklist:

  • The saddle cloth, pads and saddle are sitting symmetrically on the horse’s back
  • The base panels are supported evenly by the SMART DSP, with no bindings or seams under the weight bearing area
  • The gullet space is clear through the length of the saddle
  • The saddle cloth is not pulling down over the wither or spine

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