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SMART™ Saddle Care


SMART™ Saddles should be stored either on a smooth round surface, such as the Stubbs Saddle Mate or, ideally, on a narrow, rounded saddle pole that sits through the gullet.

SMART Saddle Care

Store your SMART™ saddle and any accessories in a dry place away from damp and extreme temperatures.

Always remove the saddle cloth and any pads from your SMART™ saddle and allow to air after each use. Do not store the pads under your saddle as this may cause them to compress unevenly over time, compromising performance and reducing their shelf-life.

It is important that you do not store your SMART™ saddle on metal racks or with items placed on top. To prevent marking or other damage, avoid saddle brackets that support the saddle on the soft underside panels

SMART Saddle Care

All SMARTTM saddles from Solution Saddles come with a fleece-lined SMART™ Deluxe Saddle Cover; the water-resistant shell and adjustable elastic trim ensure your saddle is protected from dust, dirt and scratches when not in use.

Deluxe Saddle Cover 2016

Leather Care

Leather is a natural material and needs to be protected from drying out and cracking. Environmental factors, such as exposure to sunlight, wind and rain can cause the leather to lose some of its natural properties. It is therefore important to take steps to maintain leather in good condition in order to optimise performance and increase its longevity.

Where available, Solution Saddles recommends using a leather soap & conditioner to not only keep your SMART™ saddle clean and supple, but to protect it from the elements and maintain peak condition. Use regularly to soften new leather, helping it to “wear in”. Continued use will maintain condition and appearance.

On the seat and base panels where soft hide is used, apply conditioner sparingly, and only enough to remove any dirt before buffing to a shine. SMART™ saddle skirts and saddle flaps are made using a pre-oiled leather - it is necessary to lightly top-up these parts with oil occasionally. Black leather is more susceptible to changes to the hue/colour over time as it has to be dyed to give its appearance; this is normal and should be expected from any dyed leather product. The tannery, which supplies the leather, has issued some guidance on maintaining the leather of your new SMART™ saddle over time:

  • Clean the leather with a soft brush to remove the heavy dirt, then use a small amount of baby bar soap, grated into a bowl of warm water, on a damp cloth
  • Follow-up with neatsfoot oil wiped on and off

If your SMART™saddle gets wet, apply conditioner straight away then allow to dry in a well aired, warm room. Once completely dry, reapply conditioner until the leather returns to a supple texture and buff the sheen back to the surface with a soft cloth.

Attaching Breastgirths and Breastplates

It is imperative that breastgirths are not attached to the long girth straps as this can damage them. All SMART™ Jump and Multi-discipline saddles are fitted with knee D-rings fixed to the body of the saddle for the purpose of fitting the SMART X-over Breastgirth or other accessories. Knee D-rings can be retro-fitted to other SMARTTM saddle models on request.

Smart Xover Breastgirth 2018

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