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What is a SMART™ saddle?

With no rigid parts such as a tree, pommel arch or cantle, SMART™ saddles are able to fully flex with the movement of the horse, allowing the horse to move freely without being impeded by the rigidity of the saddle frame and the tree points.

The SMART™ saddle is the only 100% flexible sports saddle available on the market place today. Designed and approved for all FEI disciplines, SMART saddles give all horses and riders a truly adjustable saddling solution, enabling comfort and performance at all levels, at all times.

Solution SaddlesThe discipline specific SMART™ PRO saddles conform to more shapely back contours, for easy fitting to a wide range of sports horses. Aimed at the rider who demands precision performance at all times; the streamlined shape, whilst offering a classic appearance, provides all the benefits of the high density, fully flexible, shock absorbing FLEXTech™ technology.

Solution SaddlesThe SMART™ range of multi-discipline saddle models incorporates all of the advantages of the FLEXTech™ technology found in the SMART™ PRO range. This highly adaptable saddle range is designed to be easily adjusted between disciplines using the SMART™ accessories range. Available in our ever popular and versatile GP, Eventer, VSD, Traditional and Show styles for all-round riding and competition.

Solution SaddlesThe SMART™ Native saddle range provides a secure and stable saddle, specifically for horses with a rounder back shape. The SMART™ Native saddle incorporates the same FLEXTech™ technology, with special features to increase stability specifically for wider, flatter backs.

SMART™ saddle features

SMART™ Saddle Features


How SMART™ Saddles work

A correctly fitted SMART™ saddle will allow the change in shape - without manual adjustment, accommodating immediate changes in shape and muscle dimension, promoting long-term back health.

As the scapula rotates, it is able to slide under the flexible base panel, resulting in increased stability of the saddle. Whilst a treed saddle may rock from side to side, lift at the back or sit unevenly to one side with the movement of the horse, a SMART™ saddle will flex around the trunk of the horse. When weight is applied, the flexible construction conforms to the back contours and does not bridge.

The saddle gullet can expand or contract to however wide or narrow the shape of the horse’s back, without pinching. Due to this flexible nature of SMART™ saddles, they can accommodate a horse though any changes in shape throughout its lifetime. With no head plate to adjust or flocking to alter, SMART™ saddles simply flex around the horse, whatever their conformation.

Constructed using a patented layering system of variable density materials, the saddles are resilient and maintain their shape, even when rider weight is applied. The self-tensioning‘W’ girthing system provides freedom of movement and stability throughout the stride cycle of the horse.

The SMART™ saddle is fully deformable, which in high-risk performance sports provides significant safety advantages for both rider and horse in the event of a fall.

Easy-fit SMART™ Balance Pad System

Optimal fit is easily achieved through the use of our Easy-fit SMART™ balance pad system. The removable SMART™ knee blocks enables the rider to not only choose the shape and size of knee block that suits them best, but to also position them accurately in order to achieve optimal support and comfort. For multi-discipline riders, the block can be changed between flatwork and jumping to promote effective riding between disciplines.

A saddle is probably the most expensive and important purchase you will make for your horse. Doing your research is essential - the saddle industry now offers such a bewildering number of options that it is extremely difficult for horse owners to make an informed decision. The radically different concept of the SMART™ saddle system allows any rider to experience for themselves the changes that can be seen and felt in their horse and their riding. Simply contact us to find out more about test riding a SMART™ saddle.

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Did you know that a healthy back will increase in size during work?

A recent study conducted by Dr Sue Dyson, Dr Rachael Murray and Line Greve at the Animal Health Trust, presented at the Saddle Research Trust International Conference 2014, has confirmed that horses’ back dimensions do increase with exercise, illustrating that it is not only important that a horse’s saddle fits before work, but also during work. The greatest changes in back dimension during exercise were seen in both sound horses and those ridden in a well fitting saddle, suggesting that it is a healthy back which increases in size during work.

“The back-shape ratio immediately after ridden exercise was greater compared with before work. Changes in back-shape were greater in horses working correctly versus not working correctly, and in horses with correctly-fitting versus ill-fitting saddles at each site.” Greve L, Murray R & Dyson S. Exercise-induced changes in back dimensions: the influence of saddle fit, rider-skill and work-quality. Equine Vet J (2014) 44 (1) 4-14

Before and after

Solution Saddles customer, Sue Sandford, was delighted after changing to a RigidFree™ SMART™ saddle. Not only was her horse happier in his work, but the dramatic difference in his back development was obvious after only 2.5 months.

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Read her story, and many more, here

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