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The SMART Saddle Range

With over 14 years of proven performance, the UK made SMART™ saddle range has developed to meet the requirements of the modern equestrian. The innovative, fully flexible, SMART™ saddle range comprises of discipline specific and multi-discipline saddle models, with a choice of three different base designs to fit a wide range of back profiles. Extensive scientific testing throughout development ensures the highest level of performance for both horse and rider.

SMART Elite Saddle Range

A new design, with enhanced features developed for easier fitting to the modern sport horse; the SMART Elite saddle range is readily fitted to higher, longer withers thanks to the profile of the flexible base panels.


  • High wither profile base panel and core shape
  • New 'SMART 2.0' seat on jump models - a longer flatter cantle shape, balanced for rider support and security on the flat or over fences
  • Reinforced with fully flexible materials to reduce compression and minimise need for additional shims and pads
  • Patented SMART™ FlexTech technology and materials ensure high performance results SMART Elite Event and SMART Elite Jump models available for pre-order.

SMART PRO Saddle Range

The SMART™ PRO range of discipline specific and multi-discipline performance saddle models incorporates all of the advantages of FLEXTech™ technology and can be fitted to a wide range of back types, from flat backed to high withered. This highly adaptable saddle range is designed to be easily adjusted between horses and disciplines.

For all-round riding and competition at all levels.


  • SMART™ PRO base; streamlined profile, fully flexible, extended base panel - provides support over a wide surface area to effectively reduce peak pressures
  • SMART™ PRO ultra-low profile seat - allows a very close contact feel for the rider
  • The SMART™ PRO controlled gullet width combined with the W-girthing arrangement - offers security and stability for a wide range of back shapes
  • Suprabloc™ knee flap on Dressage and Jump models as standard for an even closer feel and secure leg position

SMART PRO Dressage, SMART PRO GP, SMART PRO Eventer, SMART PRO Jump, SMART PRO VSD, SMART PRO Traditional and SMART PRO Show available.

SMART™ Native Saddle Range

The SMART™ Native saddle range provides a secure and stable saddle, specifically for horses with a rounder back shape. The SMART™ Native saddle incorporates the same FLEXTech™ technology, with special features to increase stability specifically for wider, flatter backs.


  • Lowest profile SMART™NATIVE™ base - suited to shorter back shapes with little wither shape
  • Fixed gullet for security and stability on rounder backs
  • UltraContact™ seat, for rider security and a close contact feel with a low-profile look
  • Soft padded knee flap to support the rider comfortably with a choice of knee block shapes

Available styles: SMART NATIVE Dressage, SMART NATIVE GP, SMART NATIVE VSD, SMART NATIVE Jump, SMART NATIVE Show and, for the smaller pony and rider, the SMART NATIVE Pony.

SMART™ Customisations

Special customisations, such as knee flap length are available but may be subject to extended order lead-times. You will be advised on any customisations resulting in your saddle becoming strictly non-returnable and will be required to sign an agreement before the order can be confirmed.

Due to the flexible nature of the smart saddle, the fitting and sizing system is different to a traditional sizing system. Please check here for more sizing details.

A saddle for all disciplines

A saddle is probably the most expensive and important purchase you will make for your horse. Doing your research is essential; the radically different concept of the SMART™ saddle system allows any rider to experience for themselves the changes that can be seen and felt in their horse and their riding. Simply contact us to find out more about test riding a SMART™ saddle.


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